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Latest News:

CTT have now provided an update to the suspension of cycling time trials due to the current pandemic. They have advised that cycling clubs are permitted to resume club time trials from the 12 July.

We have reviewed the latest risk assessment and revised our 2020 programme. The following events will be taking place:

  • 15 Jul - E33/10 - 19:00 Bottisham
  • 29 Jul - E33/10 - 19:00 Bottisham
  • 5 Aug - E33/10 - 19:00 Bottisham
  • 19 Aug - E33/10 - 18:30 Bottisham

To keep everyone safe we will limit everything to the bare essentials so you can have a safe event to ride.

Riders must:

Maintain social distancing at all times in line with current requirements.

  • If you feel unwell in any way or have an elevated resting heart rate at do not ride.
  • If during warm up your heart rate reacts quickly and becomes elevated it can suggest an underlying health condition and you should not ride.
  • No static warm ups – you can only warm up on the open road

Bring with you:

  • Your own pen to sign on with.
  • The exact money, the event fee is £4 if you are in a CTT registered club otherwise its £5 for day membership if you’re not.

During the ride:

  • Maximum of 3 riders queuing at the start line at any one time
  • Wear a helmet and have a working rear facing red light (new CTT rule for 2020) – otherwise you will be refused a ride
  • Riders must shout out their number as they pass the finish line
  • Do not stop at the finish line
  • If you are lucky enough to catch a rider pass with plenty of space.

Start / Finish area:

  • Park sensibly to ensure social distancing can be maintained whilst unloading / loading bikes etc.
  • Do not congregate in groups
  • No static warm ups – you can only warm up on the open road

At the end of the ride:

  • No results will be provided on the night, they will be posted on our website.
  • Sorry there will be no refreshments
  • On finishing your ride do not congregate please make your way home safely and await the results.


Please remember we will be the face of cycle racing in our area, let’s not give anyone reason to have a go at us - there's already enough to keep social media busy…

Stay safe and enjoy your ride.

All riders need to be aware of a new regulation for this years timetrials. CTT now require that every cyclist have a rear facing working red light, they have made it a condition that "no light no ride".

Please make it easy for us and make sure you have one on your bike, as we do not want to turn people away.

Some top skills from Martyn Ashton

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What's coming up:

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Club runs:

Saturday Club Runs are usually held on the second weekend of the month. We take a flexible approach so can be either a Saturday or Sunday and usually leave at 9am.
We normally include a tea stop half way round and try to make sure we are back by lunch time. These rides are tailored to make sure the pace suits all riders with no one being left behind. If you are interested in joining in feel free to come along, all are welcome. We'll try and update the calendar with details otherwise contact Paul Millarde-mail the Race Secretary for details.

Top Tips for being a courteous cyclist