Team Cambridge Cycling Club


I'm not a member of Team Cambridge but can I ride your Wednesday evening events?

Absolutely, all club events are open to club members as well as non members, as long as you are a member of a Cycling Time Trials (CTT) affiliated club. If you are not don't worry we have a special Day Membership for newcomers to the sport so they can try out cycling before joining a club.
These events are run on a first come basis and there is a limit of 40 riders per event. To enter you will need to turn up at least 20 minutes before the start to sign on. If it looks like we will get more than 40 riders we will give preference to club members - both 1st and 2nd claim.

If you are new to time trialling, take a few minutes to look at our Beginners and Riding Etiquette guides which provide some helpful tips.

What are open events?

Open events are run slightly differently in that they are more formal for the fastest 120 riders - unless special conditions have been applied. To race in these advanced entry - using a special form - is required usually which needs to be submitted two weeks before hand. A list of all open events are provided on the CTT website.

What is the difference between 1st and 2nd claim membership?

Anyone who wants to ride a time trial needs to be a member of a CTT registered club. This primary club is known as your first claim club and the team you race under. Now you're registered you can then join / support any number of other clubs as a second claim member. This membership often allows you the same benefits as a first claim member such as, receiving club news letters, access to restricted club events, reduced club event entry fees etc. but don't normally let you take part in their club competitions / championships.

Do I have to ride in club clothing?

Whilst it is preferred that people ride in their club colours (as it makes it easier for the timekeepers to identify them) it is not a strict rule for club events. However when riding open events you do need to ride in either, your 1st Claim club clothing, or in plain clothing.
(Note: no trade team clothing is allowed - unless you ride for a trade team of course!)