Team Cambridge Cycling Club

Finding us at Bottisham

We use three courses at Bottisham a 10 mile, 12.7 mile circuit and 25 mile time trial which is essentially nearly two laps of the 12.7m circuit. The courses were renumbered by CTT in 2009 and we have included the old course numbers in brackets for reference.


This 10 mile course is based on the A1303, starting on the A1303 just east of the turning into Bottisham. Heading east climb over the A14 and down to Stetchworth roundabout, turn and retrace to finish opposite the start. Caution needs to be taken at the roundabout as many have misjudged which exit to take and headed to Six Mile Bottom. It is a large roundabout and there are 5 exits.


(E3/13 and E3/14a)
The 12.7 mile course it starts on the A1303 opposite the turning into Bottisham, head west towards Cambridge and take the first sharp left turn towards Six Mile Bottom going past Little Wilbraham. Turn onto the A1304 and head to Stetchworth roundabout, turn towards Cambridge climbing over the A11 and A14 to finish at the start.

E33/25 club

(2/25b club)
This is a revised version for club use and is based on the E33/25 course (see below) but with revised start and finish positions.

The start is in the entrance closest to Cambridge at the vehicle sales depot on A1307 opposite the turning into Bottisham and covers nearly two laps of the E33/13 above. The finish is in the farm entrance Cambridge side of River Farm Smokery.


The start position is in the lay-by immediately after the entrance to the veterinary hospital and covers nearly two laps of the E33/13 above. The finish is at the large road sign immediately before the Stetchworth roundabout.