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Club Membership

2014 saw Team Cambridge come of age celebrating 25 years of racing. In having reached this milestone the Club has a few special mementoes and for a small exchange of coins you have the chance to enhance your collection.

Water Bottles £2, Stickers £0.50, we also have key rings for £2.00 contact Paul MillardSend e-mail to the Race Secretary or Pauline ParkerSend e-mail to the Race Secretary for details.

Team Cambridge welcomes new members to the club. There are 3 levels of membership; First Claim, Second Claim and Associate. We also have Day Membership for those new to cycling and would like to give it a try before committing to joining the Club. For a small fee you can ride the event and if you decide to join Team Cambridge we will give you a credit, up to 2 Day Membership fees, towards the joining fee. The categories of membership are:

First Claim Members are entitled to wear Club colours and to compete in club, open or association events for the Club and can enter Club Championships.

Second Claim Members are already first claim members of another Club but are not allowed to compete in any open or Association event for the Club, and are not eligible to compete in Club Championships. However they may compete in Club events.

Associate Members are not allowed to compete in Club events, nor be a First Claim Member of any other cycling club but may hold a Club office.

Day Members may compete in Club events but are not allowed to compete in any open or Association event for the Club, and cannot compete in Club Championships.
There is no limit on the number of rides that can be taken and will be entitled to a discount for up to 2 Day Membership fees when joining the Club as a First Claim Member.

To join send a completed Membership form to the Membership Secretary.

Riders who are lucky enough to be under 18 need to have their parent's or guardian's consent to ride in our Club events. Only one completed Parental Consent Form is enough for the whole season. Please bring a completed form down on your first event.
Please also be aware that under CTT rules all under 18's do need to wear a helmet whilst racing.

New to time trialling!
Take a few minutes to look at our Beginners and Riding Etiquette guides which provide some helpful tips.

Privacy information: Please note that in our club events we provide a results sheet after each event. This means using information of participants in particular their name, club and in some instances an indication of age, or age group as it may apply to the competition, for example if a rider is in a junior or juvenile age group. event participants have the right to determine how their information is used and can update their preferences at any time. You can find our full privacy policy our website.

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2019 Club Subscription Rates

Membership £
1st Claim £20.00
1st Claim (under 18) £7.50
2nd Claim £12.00
2nd Claim (under 18) £5.00
Associate £1.00
Day Member
(not a member of any CTT affiliated club)
(per day)
Event fee £
1st & 2nd Claim Club members £3.00
Non-Member with CTT affiliated club £4.00
Club Day Membership
(includes Membership and Event fee)

If you are not sure of which level of membership is best for you or if you would like further information please contact the Membership Secretary, Sue Clarke, by emailSend e-mail to the Race Secretary or telephone: 01223 440111

Send completed Membership form to: 4 Gunnell Close, Milton, Cambridge, CB24 6ZB