Team Cambridge Cycling Club

Privacy and personal data

Club membership

Team Cambridge, hereafter referred to as the 'club', holds personal data for the explicit purposes of:

  • running the club in accordance with the club constitution;
  • maintaining a register of members;
  • communicating with club members on club activities;
  • passing on information of other activities which may be considered of interest to club members;

The club only shares minimum levels of information between club members as considered necessary to enable direct communication.

Apart from names no other personal data is published in the public domain without explicit permission.

The club does not pass on or otherwise share information with third parties outside of the club membership. However, where the club considers it appropriate for information to be shared with third parties the club will seek permission with the relevant member(s) before any data is shared.

Race events

When promoting club and open events the appropriate cycling governing body requires Team Cambridge as an affiliated club to collect specific personal information. For example, time trials promoted under Cycling Time Trials (CTT) regulations. The club will only collect the minimum required information as dictated by the governing body's regulations for example entry forms and parental consent forms.

These details are used by Team Cambridge for the following purposes:

  1. Event results are published on the club's website and will make the following personal information from participants publicly available:
    1. Their name;
    2. Their club; and
    3. In some cases, an indication of age, or age group as it may apply to the competition, for example if a rider is in a junior or juvenile age group.
  2. The club will only pass on information as required by the governing body, their regional or district officers as directed by their regulations.

Data control

Membership details are stored securely on computer and from time to time in printed form. Limited name and email information are stored securely online for the processing of club emails and other interest items.

In relation to race events results published by the Club, participants details are stored securely on computer; and securely online for the event results on the club website.

Club members and event participants have the right to determine how their information is used and can update their preferences at any time. Club members should contact the Membership SecretarySend e-mail to the Race Secretary; event participants should contact the Racing SecretarySend e-mail to the Race Secretary.

At the end of each membership period, the club will retain a minimum amount of information to enable a historical record to be kept. This will include the members:

  1. Name;
  2. Age category at the time of application as it applies to cycle competitions, for example juvenile, junior, senior or veteran.
  3. The category of club membership, for example Life member, 1st claim, 2nd claim or an Associate member.

All other data stored on a member will be destroyed or otherwise deleted.