Team Cambridge Cycling Club

Results list 2009

Riding Etiquette
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Date Course Location Notes Results
04 Jan E33/10 Bottisham  
22 Feb Thetford MTB Champs R4 Results
08 Apr E2/07 Newton Circuit Series
15 Apr E33/10 Bottisham  
22 Apr E33/10 Bottisham  
29 Apr E33/13 Bottisham Circuit Series
06 May F14x/10 Barton  
13 May F14x/10 Barton  
20 May E3/11 Duxford Circuit Series
27 May F2/10 CAM Hardwick-Cambourne-Madingley  
03 Jun E33/25 club Bottisham Club Championship 25
10 Jun E33/10 Bottisham Ron Edwards Memorial TT
17 Jun F2/10 CAX Hardwick-Caxton Gibbet  
24 Jun F2/10 CAX Hardwick-Caxton Gibbet Club Championship 10
01 Jul E2/07 Newton 2 laps Circuit Series
08 Jul F14/25 Barton Handicap 25
15 Jul F2/10 CAX Hardwick-Caxton Gibbet  
22 Jul F2/10 CAX Hardwick-Caxton Gibbet  
29 Jul F14x/10 Barton  
01 Aug E2/10 Six Mile Bottom Open see Tony Clarke Results
04 Aug Ely Rugby Club Ely-Little Downham-Coveney   Results
05 Aug E33/10 Bottisham Inter-Club Challenge with Ely & Dist CC
12 Aug E33/10 Bottisham  
19 Aug E33/10 Bottisham  
11 Oct FHC/4 Barrington **** Note change of date ***
18 Oct F16/10 Barton Open see Alan Kidd  
01 Nov Brandon FR6 MTB Champs R1 Results
06 Dec Santon Downham FR24 MTB Champs R2 Results