Team Cambridge Cycling Club

Racing Etiquette:

Updated - 8 March 2020

Please take a few moments to consider the etiquette below when competing at our club Time Trials. This helps to make life a little easier for the officials and to make sure everyone enjoys their ride and gets a correct ride time.

All of our events are run under Cycling Time Trials (CTT) rules.

  • New CTT regulation for 2020 - every cyclist must have a rear facing working red light. If they do not have one they will not be allowed to ride.
  • Secure your race number on the lowest part of your jersey this will make sure that when you are in the racing position it can still be seen by timekeepers. This assists them recognising you as you finish. This is the best place to .
  • As often happens a few riders can come in at the same time, please call out your race number as you cross the finish line as it helps the time keepers.
  • Once the event has started, warming up on the course is not permitted as this causes confusion.
  • Whilst the highway is there for everyone to use, please refrain from doing your own personal timed ride over the course if you are not formally entered into our event. This only causes confusion with the time keepers as they will not know if you are part of the event or not.
  • Please do not request times from the timekeepers before the last rider has finished, allow them space to complete and check the times. Once they are happy all is in order, they will bring the times to the riders, normally this is by the tea table.
  • Please note that we have a limit of 40 riders, but this may have to be reduced if circumstances demand it on the day.